Using Green Ronin’s SIFRP rules and GOO’s campaign, House Teamus will prove their mettle in “Trouble in Pembrook”.

Trouble in Pembrook

Hey guys, TiP is a pretty unique campaign which could garner glory for your house, or get everyone killed really fast. You guys are right on the cusp of entering the campaign proper, and it is possible to finish it in one night, but only if you “play your cards right”. Regardless of when you finish it, I will give you an idea of what I am looking for. First of all, there are FIVE experience points up for grabs on this adventure (its a short campaign due to its explosive nature, but a good one where time is of the essence) and here is what each XP will be for:

1) Exceptionally good role-playing*
2) Creative, detailed, and / or really freaking cool description of actions during combat/Intrigue*
3) Creative problem solving
4) Good teamwork*
5) A player contributing to/sacrificing for party, not personal, success.

*Note that this will be for the entire campaign, not just the climax or your “oscar moment”.

Other rewards up for grabs:
Of course 1-2 glory for your house for a successful resolution.
Possible gold reward from House Flint for your ability to please them with the outcome. (varies based on how grateful they are with your resolution).

And finally! Since I feel bad for not being able to attend the Teamus gathering this year, I have purchased a never-before-read copy of Knights of the Dinner Table’s “Bag War Saga”.

“The Knights are embarking on their greatest adventure ever… the Bag Wars Saga! However, this is no mere compilation, but a “director’s cut” of the Bag Wars story arc including expanded and reworked versions of these fan-favorite stories from Knights of the Dinner Table, plus brand new strips, for over 30 pages of new material!”
Kodt bag wars
Basically, one of the characters has a “Bag of Holding” which is bigger inside than outside. They start to abuse the bag, and load it up with mercenaries, building materials, weapons, and bodies of dead enemies (that can regenerate). What they find out is while they are adventuring in the outside world, there is an actual “Bag World” building up inside their sack. Their mercenaries build a fortress with the materials in the bag and rebel, meanwhile enemies start coming back to life, and the Knights have to raise an army to deal with them all – inside the bag – to get their precious magic items back! Parts of it have spanned about 20-30 issues of the magazine, and it’s always been a fun read (I’m a little disappointed that they added more to this edition, as it was the last one I could get, and I won’t be getting to read it first).

How to get this fabulous prize? Simple. At the end of Pembrook, each character will get a chance to stand up one at a time and brag about their exploits, and based on their arguments, and how well they can twist the truth (Pretending that falling off your horse and into the bandits was part of your master plan) will earn them this book.


May the best RPGer win!

Trouble in Pembrook

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