Trouble in Pembrook

Day 63 - Pembrook's Pandora Box

Upon reaching Pembrook, Mason worked hard to keep the crowd from breaking into the smithy. While they backed off, the local wealthy farmer, Cedric has some of the mob gathering firewood. The party learns that a young, beautiful girl’s body was found in the river that morning by a wildling child. The girl was betrothed to Cedric, who in turn blamed a Nightswatchman holed up in the smithy.

The smith exited the smithy, under the watchful eye of a black brother on the roof. He said that he wished justice to be done, and that is why he protected four black brothers from the angry mob. He answered a few questions, then headed to where his family was hiding out, escorted by Lewyn Snow.

Fiona, Lewyn and Eckhard then go toward the inn. They attempt to question Pug, the wildling child they spot down by the river. After some gold and a flute, Pug tells them some stories about the girl, Gilly, Ser Meyric the black brother, and Cedric. He then flees after a time to hide/hoard his newfound wealth. Fiona & Lewyn, however, inspect the river, and find tracks of a small boot, along with a mysterious hooded figure watching them. They attempt to pursue, and find some tracks on the other side of the river. At this time, Lewyn spots someone by the party’s horses, and hurries back with Fiona in tow. During this time, Eckhard had entered the inn and found the girl’s body and her distraught father. He makes a pathetic attempt at consoling him, then returns to the party as well.

Back at the smithy, Mason, Jerick, and Alix make attempts to resolve the situation, with little progress. Jerick is admitted into the smithy where he converses with Ser Meyric, before he is shuffled out by the suspicious night’s watchmen.

Lewyn brings to Alix’s attention a sack tied to Alix’s saddlehorn. On it is a note written in Old Tongue, which Fiona and Lewyn translate for Alix. Alix then tries to pursue some clues at the mill, sees the hooded figure in the distance on the road south, who then bows and turns to ride away. Alix finds naught at the mill, so then he heads for the inn.

Lewyn and Fiona head over to the inn, and inspect the girl’s body. They run into the housekeeper, who gives them information for a price. They also inspect the girl’s room, and find many expensive gifts foreign to the north. They find some evidence which proves that Ser Meryic is innocent of murder, and head back to tell Mason what they found. Alix seduces the old housekeeper to find out where Cedric’s house is. He then finds Joric, Cedric’s younger brother there, but little else.

As they day is about to end, and about 20 minutes before the crowd is ready to have a night bonfire, the party convinces the mob that the knight is not guilty of his crime, and that he will be brought to justice. Cedric still feels cuckolded, and still blames Meyric for what happened. He harbors obvious hatred for House Teamus, but with the steam let out of the mob, he retreats as well. The party enters the smithy, and tells the Night’s Watch to flee the town, and suggest that others be sent on this route in the future. Ser Meyric thanks them, and the party wins politically with Castle Black and House Flint, but not with Cedric and some of the smallfolk.

The party returns to Flint’s Rock with the news, and they are awarded with 2 glory for their house, and a purse of GD from Uther Flint. However, they have a visitor…

Day 57 -The Morning After

The party awoke the next morning to find Iris acting strangely, and whispering with Lewyn Snow. Alfric stepped down from his lordship, and awarded it to Reuben Piper. Alfric also asked House Teamus to safely escort him to Winterfell. Reuben has been busy with making changes at Helmcrest. And, while Mason was sleeping, the party agreed to allow Eilene Hart to accompany them to Winterfell and beyond. Lady Flint asked for some time to discuss a proposal with Jerick, and they met in her room for several hours. Fiona spent much of that time listening at the door, and what transpired is only known to her.

Reuben offered to replace any stolen items from the night before, and made good on his word. Maester Ferris apologizes to Lewyn that Reuben forbids him from anymore training, but writes a letter of recommendation for him to continue his studies with another maester, if possible. Tygor Wyl asks if he can bring word of their deeds to Lord Jolvan, and also to become a sworn sword of House Teamus, which is granted. He also carries several messages from Alix Maple. Robin Flint asks if the party can accompany him on to Flint’s Rock, as it is time for his annual audit of those satellite members of the Flint family.

Fiona pursues her own agenda that night, but the nature of it is not known.

The next day everyone is ready to leave early. There is an awkward farewell from Iris, who is obnoxious and emotional. Reuben wishes them all well, and they proceed to Sweethaven, with Lady Flint’s entourage traveling with them as far as that town. The party stays at the Pink Pomegranate, visit the Apothecary, and have a little run-in down at the Gutripper with the bartender. Jerick has some more meetings with Lady Flint.

The next day, the party heads down to White Harbor, where they hire a barge to take them up to Winterfell. They meet several members of the Stark family, and Mason is severely rebuked by Eddard Stark for the crimes being committed on Teamus lands. Sansa appears to have taken some pity on Alix Maple, while at the same time avoiding Mason. Eilene certainly fills in the gaps of companionship for Mason, and Lord Alfric formally announces his transfer of lordship.

After some time at Winterfell, the party heads north to Flint’s Rock, only to find Uther gone on a negotiation with the Iron Islands, leaving only a few house guards and Maester Hershey to guard the castle. Robin Flint is immediately elevated as the lord of the castle until Uther returns. The next day while Robin is enjoying breakfast with House Teamus, a dire message arrives by raven reading this:

Lord Flint,
I am a loyal brother of the Night’s Watch, and in dire need of your intervention. I have been wrongfully accused of murder in the hamlet of Pembrook. My men and I are trapped in the smithy, barely out of reach of an unreasoning mob.
Please come to Pembrook immediately and discover the truth of this matter!
-Ser Meyric Frey

Robin, as the only person left in charge, asks if House Teamus can try and help matters in Pembrook, immediately. He speaks privately to Mason concerning House Flint’s interests, and Maester Hershey also advises the party that the people of Pembrook are a rebellious lot. However, they are Flint’s people, and they are to consider that. The end of what happens here may certainly reach Castle Black, and most definitely Winterfell, so the party must consider the political implications of any actions they might take.

The party sets out immediately, advising Eilene stays with Robin Flint. They are just outside Pembrook when we begin our next session….


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